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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Battle V

I know, i know, this needed a long time... but there was so much else going on! And xmas is still on! ;)
Here comes round V:

Marcipan figures:

Apart from making cookies, Danes like making marzipan figures during christmas time. Holger, who knows about my passion for sweets and baking asked his dad, a former baker, to teach me how to make konfekt and marzipan figures with us. In Germany we buy marzipan figures in the form of pigs for new years. But making marzipan figures myself? I had never tried it. I loved it. I can't wait to do it again - respaced girl found a "new personal" christmas tradition!!

what you need for making marzipan figures & konfekt:

in my case: A funny, Danish baker

chocolate (white and dark)
food colouring for the marzipan

This is marzipan filling for cake, we used it for the filling of konfekt. Apart from that you need regular marzipan, which is mixed with one egg white and powdered sugar.

another possible filling for konfekt, Holger's favourite: Nougat
making konfekt

mhm.. can you imagine who had the idea for the pink-theme?

Knut (Holger's dad) making roses
guess which of the two I made (Hint: I made a dog, Knut made a cat!)

Danish culture: 3
German culture: 2

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