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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Battle IV

Ok, let’s take advantage of the Internet’s great characteristic today: Let’s be interactive! This round of the battle will be decided by one of you! 

The first one to make a comment here will decide which culture is doing better in terms of Christmas songs: 

a) Is it the popular Danish song Nu e det jul igen... , which is only a cheap copy of the American song "Jingle Bells” 

or is it the 

b) German classic Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent night, holy night) which has been recorded by many artists various times, such as the Kelly Family, Sinead O' Connor etc. etc.

.. .which of the two will win this battle?

About the selection of the songs: I asked Holger, my Danish neighbor about popular Christmas songs in Denmark. “Nu e det jul igen” was the first one he mentioned. The German one was picked by meeeeee

I think this is a really good example I could use in my paper about “Media undermining communities/Media and national identity”. The Danish adaption of the American song cannot be explained only by the Cultural imperialism theory, because it is translated into Danish language. Thus, it’s a great example for “Glocalisation” (The adaption of a “foreign/global product” which leads to a local, new creation)
Ok, I’m gonna stop bothering you with my studies and wait for someone to vote!!! I know there must be someone reading the blog… come on!

Danish culture: 2
German culture: 2



MissWhite said...

Since I've always been into German christmas songs the answer is clear!!

Franzi said...

YAY I finally got my first post! Actually, Katha send me her voting via email, but as she didn't leave her comment here (maybe too shy?)it didn't count!

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