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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Battle III

Findings on the christmas market

I went to a christmas bazar in Aarhus on Tuesday, hoping to find a new hat. I accidently ruined the last one by tearing its price tag. :) In Germany, christmas markets are usually crowded and expensive. I love them anyway, but i never buy anything but food there. I'm not the type of person who's willing to pay 15€ for a selfmade candle if there is one at IKEA for 3€, which looks nice as well. Next to the stand with the candles, I met Anne Grethe, who was selling her selfmade hats and scarves. 

When I looked at the tag, I was kinda surprised.It said Chow Chow.?

Anne Grethe has three dogs. They have wonderful hair. She collects their hair and knits wonderful scarves, gloves and hats with it (not really). I was tempted to buy one (not really), but I was worrying about other people's health. I mean, imagine I am finding myself in a crowded bus, and then someone is standing next to me who is allergic against dog hair? Wouldn't that be a crime?

Anyway, I love the crazy idea, dog hair scarves are definitely much more entertaining than candles or other stuff you usually find on German christmas markets.

P.S: You can get gloves for only 250 DKK! (€33)

Danish culture: 2
German culture:1

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