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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Random Saturday in Aarhus

Today I went to the public library in the city center. I made the mistake to listen to music when I was at the bus, the cool music I got from Kalle in Sweden got me carried away and I missed my bus stop. Wasted 30min of my precious time… At the moment I am very busy with school, the Danish university system is similar to the American system, which demands a lot of school work from the students during the semester, not as in Germany where students mostly work only at the end of the semester. This week, I have to write two 5 pages assignments. However, the 3 hours at the library passed very quickly (the library already closes at 3pm on Saturday!! And the university library closes even earlier, at 2pm!!! Can you imagine that??) When I left the library, I passed the bookshelf with the travel guides. Lucky me!! They had 3 English guides for Australia and Sydney, from Lonely Planet and Fodors! Perfect! Now I can browse through them, dream about my next adventure and decide which one I want to buy for my trip. 

Then I went downtown for a little bit, bought a present for an exchange student who celebrates his birthday tonight at my dorm. Got him a Danish flag and sweets. Danes are pretty proud on their flag, it is put on birthday cakes and used whenever there’s something to celebrate. However, Danes don’t consider this as nationalist behavior, instead, a Danish teacher said once they do it because “they just really like the flag!”. After buying the Danish flag I felt the urge of buying a flødeboller with licorice filling (Oh wow!) and fresh fish for dinner. 

When I left the store it felt like dinner-time, but it was only 4.30pm. The last few weeks, it has started getting dark very early. But today I didn’t care. Waiting for the bus, I took out one of the tourist guides out of my backpack full of books and food. While the boy standing next to me was looking jealous at my lonely planet, I started dreaming about Koalas, fusion food, Sydney’s china town, diving in the sea and big shopping malls. What a great day!

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