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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dinner in Skeybyparken

I live in Skejbyparken, which is almost a suburb of Aarhus. Even if its a bit far away from the city center and I have to face many hills with my bike when I get home from school, I've become a fan!
Every Thursday there is a bar night at the common room, where you get the chance to meet people. Thanks to Thursday Bar I got to know my lovely friend Derv. I will tell you more later about her.

The girl you can see on this picture is Julie. She's my first danish friend and she's so great! I got to meet her when I was very angry about my bike. She was standing in front of the door, smoking, smiling at me and with her gorgeous smile and offering me her bike - just like that. I was so surprised of this offer, I must have looked really puzzled. She still laughs about me because of my reaction that day. We started talking and I told her to come to thursday bar some day - and she did. We just connected immediately, it is scary how similar we are in some things. Since I have her, I really started to like Denmark!

Last night I met Bart, Julies (and also my neighbour). He's a really nice guy as well. Today, he got the same look from me as Julie. Last night when we had this GREAT dinner, I told him that I have trouble with my bike. AGAIN. Today Julie wrote me an email, saying "Hey, I'll get to pick up my old bike from my parent's house for you, it makes no sense if you struggle with this wreck if nobody uses my nice bike anyway." - Again I was impressed by this friendly offer. A few hours later, someone knocked at my door - It was Bart who offered me to have a look at my bike and check if he could repare it. - just like that !

Julie shares my passion for cakes. She's an expert for danish pastries and bakeries in town. Her grandad used to be a baker, is now 85-years old - and how Julie told me last night - is still dating! Julie's sister is working at a bakery and Julie herself used to do that too..

Bart brought stjerne cage from the best bakery in town. Basically it includes everything what's good: Marcipane, chocolate filling, white chocolate and marmelade.Bart didn't make it to eat his piece, so I had to eat it.

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