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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Brookie

A Brooklyn Baker came up with „The Brookie“. You wonder what a brookie is?
A brookie combines a brownie with a cookie in one thing. Seriously, how clever is that…I will invent the mookie and the bromallow then. Where’s my price?

However,during my stay in New York I had been to Matt Lewis’ bakery and had a home baked marshmellow there. And of course it was finger-licking good.

If there’s anyone excited about the brookie idea and wants to try the recipe, please feel engaged to do so and upload a picture here. I know, nobody will do this, but I’m just saying…

My Red Velvet Cupcake and Marshmallow at the "Baked" Bakery in Brooklyn

Speaking about the brookie, as I am obsessed with baking at the moment, I started a third site recipes where you can find the recipes of the cookies I made. (all low calorie of course). I am getting a bit proud of me, because yesterday I got TWO texts from a baker’s son (a Danish baker’s son!): “Oh my god these cookies are good” and “You have some serious baking skills. I’m hoping your doing a round of Christmas cookies before you go to Germany J

Aaaaand Julie, who is very picky about pastry and is the grandchild of a (Danish) baker, wrote:
“The cookies were too good simply, I’m not surprised that they are almost gone, I’m just surprised that the meringues have lasted so long…”

Ok, I’ll come back to earth, promise. And I’ll start with my assignment. Soon…

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