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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Battle

Round One: Partying

There are the people who get really aggressive about stores selling Christmas products from the middle of November on. And there are the people who don’t. My impression of Danish culture lets me group the average Dane without any doubt into the last category.

Last week I blogged about J-Day. Apart from J-Day, you can find lots of parties here which have a Christmas theme. A few days after J-Day I learned that it’s a common habit in Denmark to have Christmas dinners with friends...in November!! I was told that a Christmas dinner includes Christmas meals such as duck, red cabbot, caramelized potatoes and so on. 

I was shocked: How can Christmas Eve still be special if you have had the same meal one or two weeks before? The answer I got was “Oh, it’s special because on Christmas Eve you have the meal with your family. And it’s nice to have Christmas dinners, because then you can also celebrate it with your friends.”

Kinda nice, isn't it? By the way, Julie and me went to a Christmas party in a kollegiet (student dorm) last night. Some students dressed up in red or in Christmas – theme clothes. Seems like Danes just loooove to celebrate!

Danish culture: 1
German culture: 0


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