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Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Things To Do For Becoming Respaced When Travelling Around

1.     Be brave – Don’t be shy. Just do it. You will never see these people again anyway.
2.     Go to a hostel. Lots of internationals AND nice people who show you around for free.
3.     Ask local students where they go out to have fun – and if you can go with them
4.     Go to a party all by yourself. You won’t regret it. Say you are new in town and you’re looking for cool people to hang out with.
5.     Find a boyfriend: Ask guys for help – Computer advice? Need a ride?
6.     Find a girlfriend: Ask girls for shopping advice
7.     Tell everyone you meet that you are bored and that you like to do stuff – give them your number (get a phone first)
8.     Steal music: Ask people for their favorite local bands – ask them to send you links.
9.     Eat weird stuff. Be interested in traditional food even when it looks weird. TRY IT
10.  Party. You’ll miss home someday, but that’s part of the process!!!! So much fun waiting for you!

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