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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year 2011

Danish people watch the Queen's speach at new year's eve. Germans watch a super old sketch(from 1963) which includes lots of champaign

Me and my sis got inspired by both!

I hope u'll have a great party!! All the best for 2011

Respaced Girl

P.S.: (the champaign glasses were pink by the way. pink glasses )

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yesterday, I did IKEA shopping with my sis. What does a respaced girl do in a furniture store? I didn't buy anything except of this: It's a pillow called UPPTÄCKA. It comes in a bag (on the picture above my sister is holding the bag) and then you can blow it up. For what I need this shit? My sister said I might need it on my "100 hour-long flight to Sydney". And they had one in pink. So she got me one! :) YAY


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flashback 2010: A respaced year, Part II

This one is for you, Derv! A head shot of Mr P ;)
Mr Penguin was 7 years older than me and a MA biotechnology student at the elite college University of Pennsylvania. He knew what he wanted and he would stay in Philadelphia. Naturally, respaced girl fell madly for him. At least he shovelled his car out of the snow to bring RG to the airport and carried RG's two big suitcases.

New York, great people and love made my last few weeks in the US to a movie-like experience.
When I got home, I fell into a deep dark hole:
“I don’t even have fun when I go shopping, I just feel tired and empty."(Respaced Girl, March 2010)
However, I knew time and my family and friends would heal me. I moved into a very old house in Tübingen, not having an idea who my flat mates were. They turned out to be super great. I started to like my life in Tübingen. I spent a wonderful weekend in Berlin, a weekend in Hessen where I went to a Bachelorette party which included 18 girls, a limo and a night club; then there were soccer games with German flags....Yet, my will to fly out again made me apply to an international study program which started right after the end of my last semester in Germany.

my wonderful tiny old (and cold) room in Tübingen (trees in the background!!)
A respaced goodbye to Germany in august:
RG turned in her BA thesis on Thursday, Partied on Friday untill 4am, got into the cab (dad’s car) to Aarhus at 5am and arrived there about 10 hours later. 2 days later school started.

I moved into a great apartment in Aarhus. I was struggling with school. I took it really serious and this probably made me pretty frustrated. But there were many parties, too. Much fun stuff. I applied to the Sydney exchange program “Investigative journalism”. I got in. The semester in Aarhus passed by so quickly.

Mundus-Halloween: Veronica from Tschech republic, Elena from Italy, Alfonso from Spain, Joline from the Netherlands
2010 was pretty packed. Philadelphia, New York, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Aarhus. I moved 5 times. Every time I thought I would turn crazy. Maybe I did. Sometimes, I was really sad, but other times I was soooo happy. 2010, you really rocked!

Flashback 2010: A respaced year, Part I

In January, Respaced Girl moved to Brooklyn New York. Looking at my diary, it seems to be an unbearable task to give a short summary of my time there.

1) I had vegetarian Sushi and visited an art gallery opening in Chelsea with Elaine, an artist and illustrator for HBO. She became my NY friend and we even went to Conneticut together for a weekend (she had an art opening there (vernissage). I got to know two girls I went to a manicure bar with. I was thrilled.

Elaine in Chelsea

Get a manicure and a drink? In NYC everything is possible. The Beauty Bar.
2) I spent wonderful weekends with friends from Philadelphia who gave me visits (the bus ride Philly <--> NYC was 2 hours long but cheap). I had a blast with Jesse, freezing my ass off at the beach of Coney Island, eating hot dogs at Nathan’s (THE place to eat hot dogs apparently) and Lisa, checking out the Brooklyn flea market and the Marc Jacobs Store in Soho. Another visitor from Philadelphia who turned my life upside down on a regular basis was Mr. Penguin.

Mr.Penguin making dinner in my brooklyn kitchen
“It was so wonderful strolling with him through New York, both of us with coffee cups in hands when walking through snowy Central Park. When we were waiting for the subway and I was cuddling up to him in order to get warm, a woman looked at us and smiled at me in such a warm way, that I will never forget this moment.” (Respaced Girl, January 2010)
(part II coming soon!)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Respace Girl becomes a film maker

ok... i guess I can't call myself a film maker yet. But here's my first video! If u feel irritated about the topic or my embarassing comments, I am really sorry. Will work on my English and film skills. Hope u'll enjoy it anyway!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Battle X

The decision is made. To say it in the words of Georg Sørensen, the guy who tortured me the last few weeks with his political science book "The Transformation of the State", there is no "winner or loser position applicable here". Instead, we have to be aware that "The State is in Retreat" according to Respaced Girl (and I think many smart people would agree here) Christmas traditions are in Retreat

HA. I'm such a smart ass. And, if anybody of you has any doubts... Look at the cultural interpretation of my family's christmas tree. And, yes, sure you are allowed to cite me! (Just don't forget to make a link to respacedgirl.blogspot.com !

The Respaced Christmas Tree

Battle IX

A cultural theories lesson
Cookies. Yes, I know, we had this before, but as you might have noted already: I'm all about food.
Ever heard about pfeffernüsse or pepper nuts or pebernødder ?

In Germany and in Denmark pepper nuts (German: pfeffernüsse, Danish: pebernødder) are christmas cookies. I wanted to find out, who invented them, but after 10min of doing research online, I gave up. What I found out was that in Germany there exist two types of peppernuts. In Nothern Germany peppernuts are brown, in Southern Germany the cookies also include egg whites and orange. 

Right package: (southern) German peppernuts, left package: The Danish version of peppernuts.

So what does this tell us? ok, watch out: This is a very good example for culture as a construct. Culture is a complex phenomenon, it is a process. As a consequence, there are no clear borders and there are several fields in which German and Danish culture intersect. 

The peppernuts-example indicates that in Northern Germany, an area which is close to the Danish border, the peppernuts have a greater similarity to the Danish peppernuts (they are both without egg whites). The further away you'll go from the Danish area, the more greater variation you'll find. At the other end of Germany, which is the side where most of the people probably never have heard about pebernødder, you'll find peppernuts with egg white and orange flavour.

So, after we just found out that culture is a construct, which means it only exists in the people's minds our battle makes no sense anymore. If we can't even speak about German peppernuts, because you have to consider two German versions- how can we compare Danish and German christmas traditions? We have to rethink this whole battle thing....If you think that this is just an excuse for not wanting to make a decision, you can speak up now or keep silent forever. However, respace girl will take some time and reflect...this is serious!


Update from Respaced Girl

My dear readers! Christmas is almost over and the battle is not decided yet. I am sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, the reason for this was my new toy: The Kodak play sport 

This awesome thing will be my new fellow, I will start carrying around with me (together with my phone, ipod, wallet and my keys). For those who haven't heard about flip cams yet: It's a camcorder for making (youtube) videos.

Yesterday, I spent half of my day with trying to edit a video I had shot, but unfortunately my laptop went off all the time, it seems to be too slow for the program. But, luckily my brother in law is a computer brain and he will be here later today, so I hope he can help me somehow.

Soooo look forward to a new era of the respaced girl blog with video!!

I will get back to you later today, with the announcement of the winner in the battle!!

By the way: If you are getting lazy of clicking on my page, not finding any new postings, why don't you subscribe to the RSS feed? It is very easy (without any log-in).

Just scroll down to the end of the page, click on subscribe to "post" --> atom. You'll automatically get a bookmark (Lesezeichen) in your browser (e.g. firefox), which makes it easier for you to see when there is a new posting. Easy peasy!

By the way: Merry xmas!! Last day for eating as much as you can without having a bad conscience - IT'S CHRISTMAS, for god's sake!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Battle VIII


It's on you to decide again! First one who votes decides whích culture gets the point: In the final round, it's all about decoration! Just for the sake of fun and curiousity we'll include American culture as well.

I) American culture

Last year I spent christmas in the States. Decorations in NYC, Manhattan looked like this:

reeeeally nice. beautiful. wonderful.....

In Brooklyn, only a block away from where I lived, I found this house:

mhmmmm..... ok you like christmas. but pleaaase, sometimes less is more!

I got the chance to spent christmas with the Vendetti's :), Erica (u remember my blog entry about thanksgiving? The girl with the mugs :)). It was so awesome to spend christmas with Erica and her family, so nice of them to invite me! But I don't wanna make this entry too long. It's about decorations.

Erica with her family

The most important different between American and German decorations are the American stockings. Traditionally the American christmas takes place in the morning of the 25th december, with having presents in one's own stocking (in the picture above you can see the stockings on the oven (left corner, in the background).

Similar to Danish and German (and other lets call it "christian nations") the Vendetti also had a christmas tree in their living room. All in all, I like American style-decorations. But only if it comes in a small portions ;)

 II) Danish decoration
is pretty much the opposite of American style christmas decoration if you look at this example:
a house in Copenhagen

But not all of the Danish christmas decoration is so simple. Traditional Danish christmas decoration includes puppets/dolls:

and these (apparently) very easy-to-make paper hearts:
paper hearts in Julie's apartment
Thanks to my friend Anne, I can add two more deco-pictures of Danish christmas decorations. The Danes are known worldwide for their great, classy but innovative sense of style ("Danish design" is especially popular in the field of architecture, fashion, furniture. I think.)

Anne's ceiling. Selfmade paper stars
III) German decorations:

Germans are famous for their wooden figures. One example is the "Nussknacker" (right picture), a nice tool which is used  to open nuts (you put the nut into the hole which is covered by the beard. Another thing is the "Weihnachtspyramide" which includes wooden figures (biblic characters) on a platform, which starts to move as soon as you light the candles around it. 
Kinda innovative too, don't you think? Candle holder with entertainment value and decoration which has a use: open nuts - Germans really seem to think in a practical way...

so... give your vote. Who wins the point, the Danish (Scandinavian) christmas decoration or the German functional decoration ideas? Give your comment!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Battle VII

Danish Royals Breaking With Christmas Traditions:

As I just read in the blog “The royal correspondent” the royal family will not celebrate Christmas together this year!! Instead of spending it together, 

“Queen Margrethe and her husband, Prince Henrik, will be spending Christmas in Southern Jutland with her son, Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie, at their home, Shackenborg Slot. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will be spending the holidays in their newly renovated palace at Amalianborg, which is located in the heart of Copenhagen.”
“The Danish royal family PR team did not give an explanation for the change. “
Uh uh… what’s going on there?? Sorry guys, but breaking with Christmas traditions is cool if it concerns places or food (this year we will celebrate at my sis’s place) – but celebrating christmas with your family is a must (eeeeeeeeeehm an exception of course are semester abroad studies… la la)

Anyway….. For our battle this means:

Danish culture: 3 – 1 = 2
German culture: 3

Uuuuuuuu anyone excited about the outcome yet? 

The Danish royal family"Glücksborg"

 source: http://royalcorrespondent.com/2010/12/05/a-danish-royal-christmas-tradition-no-more/

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Battle VI

Christmas events:

Danish Tivoli / German Christmas Market in Esslingen / American Hershey Park ???

Last week I went to the Tivoli in Kopenhagen, today I went to the christmas market in Esslingen, my absolute favourite of all christmas markets! Last year around christmas time I went to the christmas-decorated amusement park "Hershey Park" (Hershey is a popular American chocolate brand as well as the name of the town). Which of the three places I went to is the most christmas-y one? - Read and figure it out!!! (sorry about this format-confusion.. I hope ur tolerant enough to read it anyway ;))

a) Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world
b) The Esslinger Weihnachtsmarkt (christmas market)
c) Hershey's chocolate world
Opened its doors in the year 1843
It is open for the public
amusement park in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA (next to the chocolate factory Hershey)
It costs a 100 DKK entrance fee (about 13€). Rides NOT included 
It has a theme: the middle ages!
Vendors are dressed in middle-ages style clothing and speak in old German
entrance fee: I don't remember how much it was.
But most rides are included in the entrance fee.

II) Attractions / Entertainment

A lady carving ice figures out of ice blocks. Kinda cool.
A wooden ferris wheel (kids only)
+ -
All kinds of roller coasters (similar to Tivoli) and a christmas light show

There’s a game where you can win chocolate

while I was there, I saw a fire-eater, a baking class for kids and a band with bagpipes





Danish culture: 3

German culture: 3

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Battle V

I know, i know, this needed a long time... but there was so much else going on! And xmas is still on! ;)
Here comes round V:

Marcipan figures:

Apart from making cookies, Danes like making marzipan figures during christmas time. Holger, who knows about my passion for sweets and baking asked his dad, a former baker, to teach me how to make konfekt and marzipan figures with us. In Germany we buy marzipan figures in the form of pigs for new years. But making marzipan figures myself? I had never tried it. I loved it. I can't wait to do it again - respaced girl found a "new personal" christmas tradition!!

what you need for making marzipan figures & konfekt:

in my case: A funny, Danish baker

chocolate (white and dark)
food colouring for the marzipan

This is marzipan filling for cake, we used it for the filling of konfekt. Apart from that you need regular marzipan, which is mixed with one egg white and powdered sugar.

another possible filling for konfekt, Holger's favourite: Nougat
making konfekt

mhm.. can you imagine who had the idea for the pink-theme?

Knut (Holger's dad) making roses
guess which of the two I made (Hint: I made a dog, Knut made a cat!)

Danish culture: 3
German culture: 2
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