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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy Seasons

I took these pictures during the last 4 weeks.

I feel like I’m wandering through the seasons J

Last weekend in Canberra I went to see a rugby game (the first I’ve ever been to!). It was -2°C!
2 weeks before I did bushwalking in Watson Bay, a suburb of Sydney. It was 22 °C! 4 weeks ago I was in Victoria, where I found myself in a whole range of fall colors. Today I am wearing a winter coat in Sydney even though it's 15 °C.

In about 2 weeks I’m flying to Brisbane, it’s going to be around 30°C there.

The cool thing about quickly changing seasons is that I am tanned even though it’s "winter". Not too bad, isn’t it?


P.S. Upcoming soon: "Winter in Sydney"


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Australia's capital

This weekend I went to Canberra. Honestly, did you know that Canberra is the capital city of Australia?I didn't.

Canberra lies in between the cities Sydney and Melbourne. My roomie has friends who live in Canberra, a couple who is about to get married soon. Yay, free accomodation! And getting the benefit of local knowledge!

Daniel, the groom-to-be, works for the ministry of treasury. He gave us a tour of the "Parliamentary Triangle" (the quarter where you can find all the government buildings), engaging us to ask every kind of questions we had. I did. I was asking why there where so many people were against the carbon tax, why there were still so many people who didn't believe in Climate change, why Australia wasn't declaring independence, what he thought about the fact that Australians are obliged to vote, I asked about the Australian army, about Aboriginals... Daniel explained us his Australia.


He did quiet well (It is part of his job to answer letters of citizens asking questions such as 'why do we have to pay taxes?')

When we got home he told his girlfriend 'I'm so tired, i've talked so much today.'

If you are interested in hearing what Daniel answered to the topics mentioned above, let me know - I'll be happy to write more about them!

In the meantime here's Canberra in one sentence.

Canberra reminded me a bit of Washington D.C. - a city with free museums, everything cleaned up, white, a lot of green, flags, a court, parliaments,.... a ghost town which reminded me more of a museum than a city.

The war memorial

BUT Canberra stands out in the sense that
a) I found the parliament extremely ugly

The new parliament

and b) I found it ridiculous that the huge lake surrounding the parliamentary triangle was created by man because they thought it looked nice. Hello? This is Australia, a land of natural beauty! No need to create lakes, mates!

The parliamentary triangle and the Griffin lake

ok.. it is quiet nice, but...

isn't the natural Canberra landscape nice enough?

Friday, May 20, 2011


News. Yesterday someone mentioned my name and, for probably the first time I thought 'mhmmm actually my name isn't as bad as I thought'.
I haven't liked my name so far. Franziska is such a long, complicated name for non-German-speaking people. That's why I sometimes tell them to call me 'Francesca'. Makes the whole thing easier and more smooth.
Franziska always has to spelled, it sounds awful in English and in German... in kindergarten I was called Fanny (pronounced 'funny'), in elementary school it became Franzi. What does my name tell about me anyway?
I did some research. Franziska derives from the Italian name Francesca (surprise), the female version of Franziskus (a saint). The latin translation of the name Franziskus is 'the small French man'. Thus, I am 'the small French woman'.

haha. my French is awful. well, I like macarons and éclaires. Is that the French side in me? Oh, and Franziska also relates to the people 'Franken', one of the historic German tribes. 'Frank' means 'liberty'. Shall I tell you who's one of my favourite icons?

It's her.Lady Liberty. Oh, you knew she was a gift made by the French, didn't you?

The Statue of Liberty

What do you know about your name? Do you like it? What does it stand for?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Southern Sky

Last night I went to participate nightly telescope session at the Sydney Observatory. Do you remember the scene in 'The Lion King' (König der Löwen) where Simba learns that the stars in the sky are his ancestors watching him? And maybe some of my German followers know this saying:'Friends are like stars. You might not be able to see them every day, but you know that there are always there.' (not a really good translation but I hope you get the point).

I like stars. In history, stars guided travellers to their destinations. For me, they have the effect of making me feel close to my family, friends, home, because seeing stars reminds me of the idea that no matter how far away I am, they can still see the same stars in the sky as I do.

Well, not so much. Due to the fact that the earth is divided into Northern and Southern Hemisphere, my Sydney night sky looks different than the night sky in Europe.

In the Southern Hemisphere (where I am now) I can see the Southern Cross and the Carinae Nebula. The poor Europeans can't spot them, no matter how good their telescopes are. Wikipedia says:
The South Pole is oriented towards the galactic centre and this, combined with clearer skies, makes for excellent viewing of the night sky from the Southern Hemisphere with brighter and more numerous stars.
But in order to make people living in the Nothern Hemisphere feel better, I have to say that You guys have the bright pole star!! (No pole star here!)

Courtesy Heavens-Above

The visit at the Sydney Observatory was really nice, I had a look through the oldest working telescope in Australia. I learned that young stars are the hottest (yay, a nice new metaphor!) , and that when they turn older they change their light from bluish to yellow. Our very ambitious guide told us (a group of fourteen people) much more, but a glass of whine and the nightly sky made me less focused on the astronomic facts.
I enjoyed the turning cuppolas of the two observatory domes. They made loud noises when they turned and made you feel as if you were in the world of Harry Potter. Then, the guide told us that the lense of the oldest working telescope in Australia was made in 1874 by Hugo Schroeder.

Hugo Schroeder (=Schröder) was an optician in Hamburg, Germany.
I guess as long as I am in Australia it's not going to be the sky reminding me of home, indeed it's going to be an old telescope. That's fine, too, isn't it?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Creativity and Perseverance

2 Examples from Sydney which show that creativity is sometimes much more important than being intelligent.

Yesterday a guy came to me, asking me "hey, can you spare a dollar for the bus?"

I have to mention here that I usually don't give money to homeless people because I am a cruel person and I rather spend the money on 1$ capuccino from 711. yep.

I was so surprised that I actually gave him what he had asked for (+ I had had a long day and I was waiting at the bus stop, so I couldn't get away from this pretty tall guy.)

My bus arrived, the guy actually entered, had a look at the bus driver, mumbeled something I didn't understand, turned around and jumped out of the bus. How nice of him to try pretending to actually take the bus..And how creative.Well.

In comparison to this example, no 2 makes me smile every morning I leave the house.

It's Mr. Carwash who stands in front of my house, from early morning untill it gets dark. Every time the traffic lights are red, he runs to the cars and asks to clean their windows. I admire how hard working he is and much more, I admire his creativity. He dresses in a different costume almost every day. On the picture he is wearing a christmas troll. Another day he wore bunny ears. On mother's day he set up signs saying "Happy Mothersday!".

The Mr. Carwash example reminds me of myself. There are many carwashers (journalist students), I am only one of them. I am not better than them and it doesn't matter if some of them are much smarter than me.

Like this Australian Blogger Neerav Bhatt said, who hold a guest lecture at my Online Class:
it’s about perseverance, not talent 
 ..and creativity of course...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Respaced Mother's Day

My mom and me have a loving but sometimes also a bit mhmmm i wouldn't say hating, but how about... hot ?/ bursting(?)  relationship with each other :)
my sister and my dad say that's because we are both quiet similar, stuburn and emotional. We just like arguing I guess :) and none of us wants to give in when it's about "who's right'

Well, in the end I love my mom (though I hardly ever tell her) In Germany, you rarely say "I love you" to your parents, people say "Ich hab dich lieb", (I like you) when they want to express their affection to family members or friends. "Ich liebe dich" (I love you) is more an expression of the "Eros" kind of love, the kind of love which exists between couples.

So, how do you express your love to your mom on mother's day if you are on the other side of the world and you are not able to say "I love you" ?

Thank god there's amazon.de. Last week, I ordered a DVD, wrapped and with a personal message, which I sent to my sister's adress (I knew that if the package would arrive earlier than the 8th my mom would just unpack it). She gave it to her yesterday and this morning I found a thank-you email from my mom in my inbox. Oh, AND i even called her the same day. So am I a good daughter or what?

I owe my mom a lot. She's the one who has always supported me when I wanted to travel. She has been the sponsor of all my travelling. However, she really hates it. She likes wining about me "who always wants to leave her" and she never brings me to the airport, because she is pretty pissed when I leave. (It's always my dad driving me to the airport.)
Finally, I think my mom understands my travelling better than my dad does. She studied abroad, in Russia and later also in Germany. She moved from Budapest (Hungary) to Stuttgart when she married my dad. "I just came with one suitcase from Budapest! And it was fucking old!"
But that's another story....
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